Benn Willcox

is a medical devices expert, orthopedic expert, and Spine Specialist with Orthofix.

Benn WillcoxAs a healthcare professional, Benn Willcox deeply appreciates the extent to which we tend to take the dexterity of our youth for granted. As the months become years and then decades, our bodies, like almost all organisms, increasingly succumb to the natural degenerative process of growing old, especially among those that participate in sports. Previously simple actions, like standing or walking, can suddenly become insurmountable challenges. Although not every person will experience the symptoms of spinal deterioration or orthopedic complications like athletes, the individuals who do frequently find that their ability to complete everyday activities is dramatically compromised. This, of course, can create or greatly exacerbate concerns about overall quality of life.

Benn Willcox engages patients and doctors on this dilemma day in and day out, always eager to help.

Affiliated with Marlin Medical & Associates, Inc., Benn Willcox is certified by Orthofix as a Spine Specialist, having completed their Spine Specialist Training Program. This qualifies him to educate and, when appropriate, act as a vendor of the Orthofix spinal product line.

Orthofix International is a global medical devices company founded in Italy almost forty years ago. The firm’s singular focus was originally to improve the lives of those who suffer from spinal maladies. As medical technology advances and innovation truly transforms the landscape, Orthofix continues to design and manufacture a diverse variety of orthopedic devices that can actually stimulate the body’s ability to regenerate its own tissue.

The Spine Specialist Training Program with Orthofix educates medical professional in how to best maximize the extraordinary healing potential of their products.

The program employs a number of education strategies to guarantee mastery of spinal medicine, including presentations, videos, lab sessions, and proficiency assessments.  Benn Willcox requires this expertise – in spinal anatomy, pathology, spinal conditions, surgical techniques for various spinal procedures, and general hospital protocol, among other topics – to best serve patients in his community. His work empowers patients to advocate for the highest quality of care.

As a member of the Orthofix team, Benn enjoys access to a vast network of subsidiaries, sales representatives, and stocking distributors in over 50 different countries. As an organization that is constantly investigating new treatments and technologies, Orthofix heavily emphasizes an honest and collaborative approach to business.

Orthofix has participated in collaborative research and development activities with medical organizations such as the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation, and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Benn Willcox and Orthofix are committed to helping those of you get back on your feet, so you can live the active and happy life you deserve.